Drone License

Drone license is a national qualification
From December 5, 2022, drone licensing will become a national certification system (unmanned aerial vehicle pilot certification). The demand for drones continues to grow not only for recreational use, but for industrial uses in a variety of fields including aerial photography, infrastructure inspection, civil engineering and construction, logistics, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and security.

Why Choose Us?

What makes JDO Drone School different

Courses are led by instructors with extensive field experience

While most drone schools have instructors without hands-on experience in drone operation in the field, JDO Drone School is different. Our instructors have extensive experience in drone operation for TV programs, live performances, research, surveying, and more, and will carefully guide beginners and experienced users alike. Our instructors train on-site every day and pass on continuously evolving information on aviation law and drone technology to our students.

Not just about drones! Comprehensive JDO original course

Drones are expected to be incorporated into every industry in the future. At JDO Drone School, we have responded to various needs such as “I want to be a drone instructor,” or, “I want to use drones for surveying at construction sites,” and, “I want to edit videos filmed with a drone,” by building specialized courses such as the Instructor Course, Surveying Course, and Video Editing Course to support your drone use after obtaining a drone license.


Study anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace with e-learning!

At JDO Drone School, we have adopted e-learning so you can cover the lecture contents of the course through video classes. Ask the instructor questions and study efficiently and effectively at your own pace from your smartphone or computer. (E-learning courses are included in the course fee. Please complete the videos at your own pace, and rewatch them as much as necessary.)

What is a drone?

Certification Upon Completion: Second Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot Certification (Night Flight & Beyond Visual Line of Sight Flight Restricted) This course is designed to acquire basic knowledge on aviation law and drone technology. Beginners welcome!My heading is awesome

Our Curriculum

Our School Curriculum
JDO Drone School offers drone pilot and instructor certification courses at JDO-accredited school locations throughout Japan, and prioritizes safety and security. Students can select from a basic course and advanced course (with lecture and practical components), as well as specialized courses to meet their specific needs. Classroom lectures for each course are also available through e-learning video lessons.

Our Pricing

Introduction of courses and fees

※ Available throughout Japan

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Basic Course
¥66,000 (inc. tax)

This course is designed to acquire basic knowledge on aviation law and drone technology. Beginners welcome!

Most Popular!
Basic + Advanced Course
¥132,000 (inc. tax)

This course covers a wide range of topics from the basics of drones and aviation law to knowledge and technology for business use, and is JDO Drone School’s most highly recommended course.

Instructor Course
¥360,000 (inc. tax)

This course is designed for those who want to be a drone instructor and learn the knowledge and skills necessary to open a drone school.

User Review

Voice of Graduates

Mr. A

20s, Male, Travel Industry

I took this course because I wanted to shoot aerial footage with a drone for promotion of tourist destinations. At JDO Drone School, the instructor teaches not only what is written in the textbook, but also gives pointers on what to keep in mind at a filming location based on their experience, so the course content is very practical and the knowledge I learned was very useful for capturing my own aerial shots!

Ms. B

30s, Woman, Education Industry

I wanted to use drones for geological research surveys, so I took a course at JDO Drone School. I had never flown a drone before, but the instructions were easy to follow. I work as a faculty member at a university, and the decisive factor in taking the course was the fact that JDO was one of the few schools to offer an English curriculum for international students enrolled in seminars.

Mr. C

40s, Male, Construction Industry

I’ve been using drones for work for a long time, but I decided to attend JDO Drone School because I wanted to have the correct drone knowledge and skills. I was satisfied with the course, and it exceeded my expectations by giving me advice not only on aviation law and drone technology, but for equipment as well.