School Curriculum

The drone operational skills training course is a license acquisition program developed by Japan Drone Organization. The purpose is to develop and produce human resources who will contribute to the industrial advancement of drones by following safety management; compliance with laws, rules and manners; basic and applied knowledge of the drone uses; and operation skills.

We hold certification courses for drone pilots and instructors at JDO certified drone schools in various regions. Upon meeting certain knowledge and operational criteria, successful applicants will receive certifications. 

There are four course selections that provide specialized training and technology to meet your individual goals.

Training Course

Target: Beginners or those with less than 10 flight hours

Course Length: 2 days

Training Time: 1.5 hours classroom / 10 hours practical skills

Course Content: This program meets the 10 flight hour requirement to apply for a permit with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Basic course

Target: Those who have completed the training course or have 10+ flight hours

Course Length: 2 days

Training Time: 8 hours classroom / 1 hour for the practical test

Course content: Acquire basic knowledge / basic skills for safe drone operation

Advanced course

Target: Those who have completed the basic course

Course Length: 1 day

Training Time: 3 hours

Course Content: Learn four specialized flight skills: non-visual flight, night flight, drone delivery, and dangerous goods transportation.

* The above course lengths and training times are guidelines for each course.

Instructor Course

Target: Those who have completed the advanced course; or those who have a flight history of 50 hours or more and are considered by Create Japan to have equivalent ability

Course Length: 2 days

Training time: 4.5 hours classroom / 4 hours practical skills

Course content: Acquire the knowledge / operational skills necessary to train a drone pilot.

Course Sign-Up

STEP ① “Submit Contact Form”

Please submit a contact form through the “Contact Us” page. We also accept applications over the phone.

Course Participation Requirements:

・ At least 18 years old

・ Meet Visual Requirements (acuity of 0.7 or higher for both eyes and 0.3 or higher for one eye; correctable)

・ Hearing (able to hear audible cues)

・ Physical condition (able to safely operate a drone and participate in the training course)

STEP② “Confirmation of Application & Contact”

We will check the availability of courses after receiving your contact form.

If there are openings, we will register you for the course and send you an “Application Form.”

Please submit payment by the deadline listed on the “Application Form.”

STEP ③ “Prepare Course Materials”

【Classroom lecture】

・ Writing section

[Practical skill]

・ Eye protection (glasses / sunglasses)

・ Shoes for the outdoors (sandals are not permitted)

STEP ④ “Attend the Training”

The meeting time and place for the training are stated in the “Application Form” sent after making a reservation.

STEP ⑤ “Start the Course”

Begin your drone flight training course. Classes begin with topics about laws and regulations related to aviation.

* Course content varies depending on the course.

STEP ⑥ “Receive Your Pilot License”

After passing the written test and practical test, we will issue your pilot license.

* When flying in a no-fly zone or performing a flight method that requires approval, it is necessary to request permission from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.